I am also a casual gamer meaning that I enjoy playing games such as "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," the "Mass Effect Trilogy," "Alan Wake," "L.A. Noire," and etc. I tend to gravitate towards sci-fi and psychology thriller games because they are filled with plot twists.

I am currently reading Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Josephine: the Hungry Heart. I admire the late French-American entertainer Josephine Baker because she managed to overcome a lot of obstacles in her life.

When I am not reading or playing games, I listen to music from the 1980s and early 1990s. My favorite singers are the late Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Sade. Page 2
My name is Ana Arora, and I am a web designer/developer. The entire purpose of this site is to display my graphic work to the public in the form of
an online portfolio.

The artwork displayed on this site are brochures, site layouts, and graphic pictures.

I design projects using HTML, CSS, Adobe DreamWeaver, Photoshop, InDesign, and FireWorks. I sometimes develop applications using ASP.NET and Visual Basic (but only sometimes).
I grew up in the Deep South in the United States where I began designing at the age of 17. After graduating from High School, I studied Business and received an Associates in Business and Office Technology. I received another Associates before transferring to Alcorn State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Most of the companies that I have designed for are government agencies and educational institutions.