Issue No. 1: Developing Multiple Site Menus
I recently had a problem trying to add more than one menu to this web site. In HTML, this would seem simple to do, but it takes a bit more work to do in programming (e.g. ASP.NET). One of the things that I like to do when facing a problem is research; I browse the Internet and read web forums to see how other people who have similar problems solve their problems.

I had a new siteMap page and added a new menu and datasource code into the CSS style sheets and MasterPage, but I did not have the datasource code declared in the web.config.

Here are the steps below that I took to solving my problem.

  1. Created a second siteMapDataSource in the Master Page since I already had one for the top menu of this site and gave it a unique name.
  2. Added page links to the siteMapNodes within the XML file.
  3. Copied the Menu and the first siteMapDataSource code but renamed Menu to Menu2 and siteMapDataSource to SiteMapDataSource2 (as a way of distinguishing between the two menus and data sources) in the Master Page.
  4. Added new menuwrapper code to the CSS files for all themes.
  5. Placed new data source code in the web.config file in order to identify the new data source for the menu.
  6. Ran new code, and all is well.


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