Issue No. 1: Dreaming New Ideas
Dreaming...or being creative can be one of the hardest things to do for a graphic/web designer. There is the constant need to brainstorm ideas and stay on top of all the latest trends in technology.

While at University, I was tasked with creating brochures: one of which was for the Department of English and Foreign Languages. It was not too hard to come up with a design for the brochure since I had already planned on using the school's colors (purple and gold) and keeping the design simple. The problem here is that I used PhotoShop and InDesign in order to create the brochure, and I accidentally designed everything on one layer in InDesign instead of using multiple layers.

Here are the steps below that I took to solving my problem.

  1. Re-designed the entire layout for the site in Adobe InDesign.
  2. Created the background on one layer, placed images on another layer, and placed text on another layer.
  3. Made sure that most work was done on different layers so that if I made one mistake, I could delete the layer with the mistake and not have to redesign everything.
  4. Turned in brochure design to the Department, and they were pleased with the design.


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